Quality Control, Research and Development

Refinish Competance for Your Perfection. Already today, CAP’s products belong to the winners in the body shop.
A professional painter appreciates the quality of our products and understands the clear advantages of their uses very quickly. CAP’s materials are safe in application, stable by quality, very reliable and deliver reproducible results. Our products are helping refinish experts to optimize their workflow to deliver better refinish work and to increase the productivity of their enterprises: a perfect result!

Perfection always starts at the beginning of a process – in our case with the raw materials being used in our production process.

In our production, only raw materials of renowned producers, highly reputated in their respective fields, are converted.

Formulations of the existing products are not going to be changed as long as they remain once developed. This way we can grant the consistent quality of our products over many years to come.

All raw materials that are arriving at CAP are tested in our laboratories, where our strict requirements to quality are matched. This way, we can grant, that no off-spec materials are used in our production of non-quality compliant products at CAP is reduced to the minimum, the quantity of material we have to dump goes down to zero!

In case of any doubt about the raw-material quality, the respective batch is rejected and even not unloaded – in case of bulk-transport – or, in case of part shipments of solids, it will immediately be separated from the stock and put into a special quarantine stock unstill return delivery.

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Another part of our laboratories is dedicated to the control of produced materials.

At CAP, no product will be sent to the filling lines without being checked for its quality and approved by our quality control experts. A further measure how to reduce the number of quality claims to the minimum on the one hand and to reach perfection on the other one!

Batch samples for all produced batches are kept in a dedicated warehouse, enabling a quality re-check during the guaranteed shelf life period.


The largest and most fascinating sector of our laboratories is certainly the research and development department.

In this area, the ideas for new of better products that we get from the body shops worldwide are brought to life. This area is considered as being the playground of our chemists: a vast number of powders, liquids and pastes awaits to be combined into something completely new, something what a professional car painter waits for to ease his daily job and to optimize his work flow: a perfect product from his perspective!


Until a new product is introduced into the market, several test are being made.

This starts with tested thoroughly. Extreme conditions, partly exceeding the real stress of normal daily use, are simulated: cold, heat, humidity, UV-rays, corrosion; the qualities are being intensively tested, depending on application and material.

After the materials have successfully passed our laboratory tests, the first step of practical test follows. The candidates are being evaluated in our own training centre by our trainers, all being very experienced and highly skilled car painters. When one of the products has to be improved after the first practical tests, it has to pass a laboratory test again before we will give it another try in our training centre!

After the successful evaluation of our experts, the materials will be sent out to selected partners all over the world for further practical tests. The feedback is being evaluated internally one more time and will lead, if necessary, to further adjustments of the product.

Only when we are really sure to have a good and meaningful product to offer, we will introduce it to our customer.

Another example which underlines our strive for perfection!

Check our product details and find the ones that suit your requirements.