• Clear Coats

    Clear Coat VOC/X CLB-03.083

    • Consistent performance under a wide range of ambient temperature conditions
    • Ultra productive, fast drying
    • Extremely short time to polish
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Excellent polishability

    Ultra fast curing 2K clear coat, ready to go after only 5 mins at 60°C ambient temperature – and not object temperature! True 2:1 product, just one hardener and no additives or thinners are required to achieve perfect repair results. Long pot life ensures an economical use of the product. Despite the very fast curing the top-level gloss remains after the product is fully cured. Polishing possible even days after application. Two words to describe this product: simply perfect!

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat VOC/SE CLB-03.079

    • Suitable for spot, panel and overall repairs
    • Very high final hardness after curing at both, room and elevated temperature
    • High gloss and perfect levelling

    Premium quality 2K fast curing clear coat, easy application and perfect surface quality. VOC less 420 g/l. A product perfectly suitable for all repair jobs, from sport repair to full car respray. Safe to use over solvent- and water borne base coats.

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat VOC/R CLB-03.049

    • Easy to apply
    • Consistent results on different substrates
    • Excellent polishability
    • Perfect levelling and appearance

    Very fast curing VOC conform clear coat from the new “Rapid” product family. New benchmark in the premium-segment for fast curing clear coats. Despite the very fast curing, no compromise to surface quality, especially gloss, must be made. Absolutely no loss of gloss after curing. Easy and economical application, easy polishing also days after application.

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat VOC/P CLB-03.016

    • Universal for all common paint works
    • High performance
    • Very good polishing
    • Good mechanical and chemical resistance

    Sets new standards for clear coats of the Premium Segment. Exceeds all expectations concernig application, levelling, brilliance, UV stability and scratch resistance. Polishing even after 48h still possible, spray booth use recommended.

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat VOC/C CLB-03.006

    • Optimally adaptable to match OEM structure
    • Very good polishing
    • Long open time which allows for painting whole car

    VOC compliant UHS clear coat. Benchmark quality. Meets all expectations concerning the desired results concerning gloss, levelling etc. Curing may be adjusted with comprehensive range of hardeners.