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Cleaner Fast Apple (solvent based) CDL-07.022

Short solvent based cleaner with apple scent for all general cleaning jobs prior to painting. The fresh apple scent masks the typical bad smell of standard cleaners and makes the daily work in the body shop more pleasant.


Solvent cleaner for use on surfaces which will be refinished. Cleaner is particularly suitable for the first cleaning step to remove tar, grease and silicones from vehicles which will be refinished. The product can also be used for the initial cleaning of composite plastics.

VOC 2004/42/IIB(a)(850) max. 850 g/l

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Packing Information:

Container and Item Pcs per Box Boxes per Pallet Pcs per Pallet Pcs per layer Layers per pallet
Cleaner Fast Apple (solvent based) 1 L 9 30 270 90 3
Cleaner Fast Apple (solvent based) 5 L 3 30 90 30 3