Product Details

Clear Coat VOC/SE CLB-03.079

  • Suitable for spot, panel and overall repairs
  • Very high final hardness after curing at both, room and elevated temperature
  • High gloss and perfect levelling

Premium quality 2K fast curing clear coat, easy application and perfect surface quality. VOC less 420 g/l. A product perfectly suitable for all repair jobs, from sport repair to full car respray. Safe to use over solvent- and water borne base coats.

Two-component, very high solid clear coat. It provides an easy and comfortable application, good levelling, brilliant gloss and fast drying properties. It can be easily polished only after 15 minutes at 60 °C or 2.5-3 hours at 20°C. Ideal for different kind of applications: spot repairs, single panel repairs and for full car body respray. Can be applied over solvent- and waterborne base coats.

VOC 2004/42/IIB(d)(420) max. 420 g/l

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Complementary/optional product:
Hardener CDL-04.088

Packing Information:

Container and Item Pcs per Box Boxes per Pallet Pcs per Pallet Pcs per layer Layers per pallet
Clear Coat & Hardener 1,5 L set 12 30 360 72 5
Clear Coat 1 L 12 30 360 72 5
Clear Coat 5 L 4 24 96 32 3
Clear Coat Hardener 0,5 L 12 60 720 72 10
Clear Coat Hardener 1 L 12 30 360 72 5
Clear Coat Hardener 2,5 L 4 48 192 32 6