Product Range

On the following pages you will find comprehensive information about our core product program. These are our basic materials, which we are able to deliver usually within the shortest time.


With this categorization, you may locate the products you require for your particular market segment.

Before we explain the individual product categories in detail, we like to point out, that our strict requirements to raw material quality and the constant quality of our products are applying to all products from all product groups and product categories, no matter if “Premium”, “Classic” or “Economy”!

Products from the Premium category may challenge any competition on the market! They are fulfilling or exceeding the highest expectations of modern car painters concerning their application, as well as the first class quality of the achieved refinish results.

Some of our products from the Premium category have set new standards concerning the quality of products in this segment.
Premium category products are without exception delivering decisive technical advantages and are therefore significantly optimizing the body shop workflow or they deliver an absolutely perfect painting result. Some are even delivering the two aspects altogether.

The Premium category is therefore the choice for companies that aim to establish themselves in the upper market segment and look for appropriate products and services to do so. Products that actually meet the specific requirements of the Premium category will enable you to achieve more attractive margins in the high price segment. Naturally, the one who offers high quality products often has the best reputation in the market; this builds trust and attracts the attention of new customers, one very positive side-effect of the Premium product strategy.

Certainly, our products from the Classic category are not “of the yesterday”! They are actually “classics”, delivering only positive feedbacks, being appreciated by everybody! Think about “classic movies”, “classic sports cars”, “classic beauties” – all recognized as positive aspects! After all, “classic” comes from “class”!

These products are the closest friends in the body shop which you do not want to miss anymore once you have used them!

Products from the Classic Segment are addressed to demanding customers, seeking to sell reliable and practice oriented products, leaving nothing to be desired!

Thanks to a large number of basic formulations, it will be easy for you to select the right product for your particular market requirements or the right starting point for the development of your individual quality.

Products from the Economy category are characterized by their excellent cost performance ratio. Right from the beginning, these qualities have been developed for markets or market segments having a strong focus on the procurement costs.

Economy products enable the user to obtain very good repair results, just like products from the Premium and Classic category. They have been developed and produced following the very same strict CAP quality policy but offer only limited technical advantages and / or technical innovations beyond that.

For this reason, the Economy category is an ideal solution for partners who like to extend their activities to other market segments or who simply would like to round up their product range. These qualities are also suitable if our partners have to respond, perhaps just for a shorter period of time, to strong local competition