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Top Gloss Additive CDL-07.024

Top Gloss Additive is a special product designed to enhance the characteristic of acrylic based products, especially HS and MS clear coats. It puts the gloss of those clear coats to a higher level. Moreover, the application properties are significantly improved by this special additive. Application is easier, mistakes can hardly be made. E.g. boilers, due to too thick layers, can be avoided.


Top Gloss Additive is recommended for use instead of thinner for acrylic products, it works as gloss stabilizer while also improving application properties. The product guarantees a very safe and easy application of two-component acrylic paints. It provides a very good flow, with no tendency to sag and reduces the likelihood of “gassing”, even with very thick layers of paint. The coating after drying has an excellent initial gloss and hardness. Top Gloss Additive eliminates frequently found in particular in MS and HS clear coats, reduction of gloss after the curing and cooling of the surface.

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Packing Information:

Container and Item Pcs per Box Boxes per Pallet Pcs per Pallet Pcs per layer Layers per pallet
Top Gloss Additive 1 L 12 30 360 72 5