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1K Acrylic Filler CPG-02.023

1K filler with very good filling properties compared to other 1K products. Adheres also to many plastics and most metals (see TDS). Very good anti corrosion and insulation capacities – ideal for new panels or smaller areas.

One-component acrylic filler, characterised by quick drying at ambient temperature. It has filling, insulating and anti-corrosion properties. It is intended for steel, aluminium, galvanised surfaces, plastics (except polyethylene, polypropylene and their derivatives) as well as on old paint coatings and puttied surfaces. In particular, it is recommended for quick repairs of small surfaces.

VOC 2004/42/IIB(c)(540) max. 540 g/l

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Complementary/optional product:
Thinner CDL-07.010

Packing Information:

Container and Item Pcs per Box Boxes per Pallet Pcs per Pallet Pcs per layer Layers per pallet
1K Acrylic Filler 12 30 360 72 5