Tag: HIGH SOLID (VOC<540 g/L)

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat HS/R New CLB-03.077

    • Based on high-build resin technology
    • Fast drying
    • High gloss and perfect levelling
    • Increased productivity
    • Lower energy consumption

    Very fast curing high solid clear coat, setting new quality standards in its class! Safe and economical application, very high surface quality with exceptional gloss, effortless polishing also days after application. Despite the fast curing, no compromise to surface quality, especially to gloss, must be made. Defined drying times at 20°C and 60°C, as well as at 40°C resulting in reduced energy costs for the use of the product in the spray booth!

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat HS Anti Scratch CLB-03.014

    • Easy to apply
    • High ending hardness
    • High scratch resistance
    • Optimally adaptable to match OEM structure

    High solid anti scratch clear coat with high withstanding surface. Very good UV stability.

  • Clear Coats

    Clear Coat HS/P Anti Scratch CLB-03.057

    • High-build finish
    • Easy to apply
    • Perfect levelling

    High solid anti scratch clear coat with best in class surface and gloss in the HS-category. Very easy applicaton, allows a safe application also in adverse working environments. Very good chemical, mechanical, weather and UV resistance.