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Light Unifill Putty CSX-01.071

Multifunctional light weight putty, density reduced by approx. 25% compared to standard putties. Very easy and safe application, easy sanding, no sanding paper clogging. Good for larger surfaces.

Universal ultra-light polyester putty with very good adhesion to surfaces of steel, aluminium, zinc-coated and polyester. Its creamy texture and good spreading allows easy repair of large areas. It produces a medium-soft, smooth and sealed coat suitable both for manual and machine sanding.

VOC 2004/42/IIB(b)(250) max. 250 g/l

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Packing Information:

Container and Item Pcs per Box Boxes per Pallet Pcs per Pallet Pcs per layer Layers per pallet BPO
Putty 1 L 10 40 400 50 8 40 g