• Fillers

    4:1 Multi/R White CPG-02.129

    Latest member of the Rapid-Product-Family, thus very fast curing is guaranteed! An outstanding two-component product, that can be used as standard-, as high build- and as wet-on-wet-filler! Due to special production techniques, it provides an outstanding surface, that reduces the sanding work to an absolute minimum. Very good adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, cathodic electrodeposited primers, GRP and puttied surfaces. No clogging of the sanding paper!

  • Fillers

    4:1 Filler “R” (white) CPG-02.097

    Newly developed fast curing acrylic filler from the new “Rapid” product family. Ready to use, no thinner must be added. Suitable for all repair jobs, due to fast curing especially for quick repairs or smaller jobs. Very good filling capacities, easy to apply, no runs, very good leveling. Very easy sanding without any sanding paper clogging. Safe curing also at temperatures significantly below 20°C.

  • Fillers

    4:1 Filler (white) CPG-02.001

    The benchmark for 4:1 fillers! Very high solid content, very good filling, high thixotropy, good flow and levelling, no runs. With nozzle 2.2 thicker layers possible. Good for dark shaded top-coats.